DNK | Prime – sff case that you probably won't buy

Back in 2013, on habr.com, one of the users posted article about that, how he created a super-compact computer case of his own design- DNK-H. I liked the idea and its implementation incredibly and I began to follow the further development of the project.

Time went by, there was a second version of the case with support for external video cards – DNK | Prime however, unfortunately, I missed the first iteration of this corpus and could not order – exclusive rights to the case were transferred to HyperPC…(( And ordering a completely new assembly, having a mountain of my iron was somehow not to my liking. So when, in this fateful year, Alexander announced a pre-order for the Prime 2020 edition – I was one of the first to pay for my pre-order. And weeks of waiting dragged on. Rewind for 2-3 months ahead, housing received, unpacked- we start assembling.

During the assembly process, meanwhile, several small, but annoying little things, which somewhat blurred the first VERY positive impression of unpacking. It should be noted that the Prime case was originally designed for a standard SFX power supply. However, the second iteration (ver.2020) supports the installation of power supplies flexATX – for the possibility of installing video cards up to 250mm long. Unfortunately, the bracket on which the power supply is suspended is made of soft aluminum and under its own weight this whole structure bends unpleasantly. This has no effect on appearance., however, the general feeling of Chinese plasticine from a body of this appearance – causes powerful cognitive dissonance. Exactly the same problem – installing the motherboard itself: central plate on which the video is mounted- and mother card. Apparently, during the delivery process, the soft aluminum plate bent a little and when installing the mother card, 2 of 4 racks had to be slightly bent, so that the holes in the board line up with the holes in the rack and the screws are properly screwed in. Another unpleasant nuance associated with delivery – The ID Cooling IS-47 cooler proposed by the author turned out to be 5-7 degrees and some efforts had to be made to return it to alignment.

Wires that connect the power button and front power and hard drive LEDs – have exactly such a diene to barely reach the connector on the motherboard. However, in my case, installing a full-size power supply becomes impossible. – the wire from the button will be impossible to stretch. At the same time, the wires do not fit snugly to the block wall and when illuminated from the inside (from the motherboard) – wires cast an ugly shadow on the front lamellas of the case.

Generally – the ID Cooling IS-47 cooler that I got turned out to be complete junk. I do not know, Is it a matter of marriage, or is it an engineering flaw, but even without load, this cooler could not cool the quiet enough i7-9700f with TDP 65w. even in idle time, the temperature did not drop below 65 degrees. And shot up to 100 degrees during the game. We managed to more or less reduce the temperature to an acceptable one only by limiting the maximum processor frequency to 3200 MHz. After reading various discussions on the internet – decided to change ID Cooling IS-47 to Cryorig C7cu – all copper cooler with fan located at the top. the effect – just magical. the computer has ceased to be heard absolutely. CPU temperature does not rise above 45 degrees during idle. TurboBoost – included. And even it turned out to slightly increase the bus frequency to 102.5 MHz. at the same time, the temperature remained around 50 degrees at a fan speed of about 800 rpm.

After a week of testing, the desire to carry out any additional improvements did not appear and the body took its place of honor near the TV. Combined with backlight from the motherboard and RAM – the view is simply magical.

Carried away by the description of assembly problems, I completely forgot to talk about the advantages. And there are a lot of them, although for me one thing was decisive – this is the most aesthetic of all my computer hardware. Maybe of course plays a role “novelty effect”, but every day I go to this box to wipe it from dust… like! Cool that it can be closed in any dimension with a sheet of A4 paper. Pleasantly, that when i sent a photo of the assembly to my german colleague – he immediately asked, where to buy and how much does it cost. To say that the lamellar housing provides the best possible ventilation – silly- I bought it not for its utility. Life is short and you want to surround yourself with not only useful but also beautiful things.

For comparison – here is my home file server. He does his job very well, but his appearance is very utilitarian – so he lives in a box under the TV. But what Prime, which took place in “front corner”

Thus, I want to express my maximum respect to the author of the project. Finally, a technological item with the inscription appeared in my house “Made in Russia” which I can not only enjoy, but also sincerely proud. General impression – THING. And all of the above nuances – only trifles against the background of the magnificent appearance and high engineering performance of the case.

It's a pity that the price tag of almost $ 200 will most likely scare away most of those who want to buy, however for their part – I will say- worth every cent spent!

And finally – unboxing and assembly videos:

UPD: as there is a plan to buy a new video card in the case- so as not to lose later, I will put here a diagram of the maximum dimensions of the video adapter:

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