Headphones with active noise reduction Tronsmart Encore S6- my attempt number 2

They say a second marriage – is the triumph of hope over experience. So do I after a single bad experience to buy inexpensive but quality headphones Ali- can't abandon further attempts. The success or failure of- see the tackle...

Maybe six months ago, I asked a question- is it possible to find on AliExpress decent wireless headphones cheap. Selection parameters were simple and clear:

– Bluetooth v4.0+ for low-power
– The presence of APT-X codec to simulate the concept of "quality of sound"
– Active noise reduction because it's funny.!

Last time purchase was very disappointing and had even washed down the video because the return process was long, tedious and almost ended in favor of the seller.

However, seeing the review (https://mysku.ru/blog/aliexpress/54708.html) Mr. Nobeus I couldn't resist and jumped to order- all three terms would seem in place.

And he, winner of the qualifying rounds…:

AliExpress.com Product – Tronsmart Encore S6 Bluetooth Headphones Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphone Headset for Gamer Gaming Foldable Design

when I worked in an electronics store- a colleague expressed a very sensible idea. To sell TVs much easier, than selling refrigerators: put next to 2 TVs with a price difference of 10 times and see what you need to pay extra. But with refrigerators to convey that message so obviously will not work.
To review audio equipment (in my opinion) – the case is even more thankless, for includes a huge number of subjective factors.

But I still try to convey my findings...

Headphones got to me fast enough- 2 weeks after order. Sending the seller wasn't late.
Unfortunately had to pay extra for customs clearance, for the limits in Germany are not as sweet as in Russia.
Box was in almost perfect condition, so when they get tired of me- will give someone of your friends with a light heart!
The set is very Spartan- headphones, charging cable, speaker cable for a wired connection Jack-Jack 3.5 mm. All!
The product is made quite soundly- the feeling of cheapness appears only under very close examination. All "simple and tasteful".

For those who are tired of reading:

The connection to the source of the sound too is quite simple- long hold the power button- flashing LEDs red and blue- find device on your phone-the connection is established!

Now for the sound quality. As has been said- it's very, very subjective set of parameters. But in my opinion neskorena headphones sound boring. Yes- I drove tests on http://www.audiocheck.net/soundtests_headphones.php
Starting to hear already of 17 Hertz.
A little upset that I don't hear anything after 16KHz
Yes headphones realistic enough to reproduce the binaural recording and a good kick on the Bass Kick Test

But in fact it all.

In a real music playback they sound boring. They can't stand the brain dynamic bass on rock songs, not captivate middle and high on vocals and classics. Quite a good option for gaming and chat audio but I not for this purpose bought.
In fairness it should be noted that the positive effect from the use of APT-X audio codec I was able to appreciate fully. Running the same music on my old Sony and these Tronsmart – the difference I heard and my wife and I. Much more detail. Strings are not mixed in porridge with shock etc. It's nice!
But then it turned out one infinitely annoying detail: headphones devilishly starting to lag when playing music while using the Bluetooth mouse. Apparently the width of the radio frequency channel is not enough for simultaneous transmission of high-resolution audio and the position of the mouse with high frequency. Both devices in this case, it is simply impossible to use- the mouse cursor starts to twitch at the movement and at the same time in the headphones pause, wheezing and etc.. One has only to stop courses and do not touch the mouse- the music continues without a problem.
The connection wire of course solves the problem, but it seems this is a review of WIRELESS headphones ))).

In my case this bug eliminates my use these headphones both at home and at work. At home because my main instrument is the Logitech Master MX and on the table lives Logitech Anywhere MX 2 and refuse I'm not one of them.
Use remains paired with the phone. Thank God iPhones support the APT-X still starting (it seems) with the fifth model. So the quality of play here is very decent (but boring).
The headphones can control playback: there are buttons for the playpause, forwardback.
Also control the phone volume – it's nice. It is not necessary to separately add the volume on the headset and the phone separately.
Among other things it reflects the status of the battery charge when you connect headphones. Unfortunately the accuracy of this status I was not able to track, but the feelings are there 2 levels – "full" and "battery drained". To conduct special tests duration of the discharge, I did not – headphones worked for me very long. But while small enough – in music mode. Basically- in active noise cancellation.

Yes.... noise reduction. Second (for me) a fundamental factor to the purchase. When making the order I of course knew, that miracle will not happen, but I was very interested to compare the quality of the noise canceling of these headphones and solutions from BOSE and Sehnheiser. Thank God just recently a couple of colleagues bought these devices so that was on what to check. Unfortunately the result was even worse than I expected:
If the activation of the noise cancellation on the BOSE and Sehnheiser creates in the head the feeling that from a fairly noisy open-space office, I moved into the corridor which from time to time people go and barely audible conversations, the music quality does not suffer substantially. Activation noise reduction the hero of our review moves you into the hold of the cargo ship. Background noise is cut off quite effectively, but in its place comes a quiet but irritating white noise. Just a barely noticeable hiss. If I were an audiophile – this is by far the hissing would drive me crazy. The sound picture does not change in the best way- it gets even more boring and flat. Does the bass disappears and there is a desire just to take them on and off – because listening to music makes no sense whatsoever.

Summarizing – I honestly tried to find the format of the application of these headphones. For movies night, for walks with the phone, in games. The reality is that they are fully disclosed only when using as a headset for Skype. Problems when working simultaneously with Bluetooth mouse cut off the possibility of using for work on the go with a laptop.

Perhaps this is a very cool option to renounce the world travel (at stations, airports, on the plane, ITP) – but I don't often travel to seriously consider this use case.

So my personal impression from this purchase I can describe in one line:
Great wireless headphones for use on the wire! ))

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