Lantern WUBEN g343 – Professional review with dismemberment.

Already for a long time the daughter broke away from my Convoy S2.

To prevent this I could not, in this, it was decided that girls should have their own flashlight. To buy Chinese garbage for $ 2 didn't want- had to do some digging. The result we are satisfied. For details- welcome to next…So- the decision was made. Budget head was fixed at the level “to 20 bucks”. 20 minutes gugleniya and the order is complete.


Manufacturer specifications

Brand: WUBEN
Model: Mini Li-ion batttery USB rechargeable flashlight
Body Material: Aluminum
Waterproof: IPX 8
Anti-seismic: 1.5m
Li-ion battery: 3.7V 70mah
Brightness mode: 2
Max Brightness: 130 lumens
Bright level: High//Low
Illumination time: 6 hours/40 minutes
Charging time: 1 hour
Lifetime: 50000h
Net Weight: 20g
Certificate: CE FCC
Dimension: 42mm (length) * 13mm(diameter)
Package Contents:
1× WUBEN Mini Flashlight
1 × user manual

Трекинг посылки был ровно такой как мы все любим: уехала-приехала

Well, drove right in the path, even managed to play football (the box was Samat one of the corners)

But we are no longer upset, because we bought not a box.

But the contents proved to be very noteworthy.

The flashlight – clearly a girl: pink color chain, to wear on the neck.
Small- exactly under the children's hands.
Low modes (two) which included a head turning: tighten slightly- to Shine weakly, decrotive stronger – Shine on all the money.
The maximum mode for example completely illuminated kitchen. Could for example pour and boil kettle and never had to look. Very nice effect from such a small whistles.

In activating and switching modes daughter figured out in about 4 seconds.

So a little present came in handy and caused a fair amount of positive emotions.

Well, as usual- the stack of photos to assess:

Box and unboxing

In the hand

Disassembly and dimensions


In comparison c Convoy S2

Well, for a snack- the promised review of professional dismemberment:


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