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Communication support in case of warranty cases or other problems with the purchased online goods is one of the most important steps in online shopping. It, as c in case of warranty appeal to Logitech- had already become a legend. View, as similar situation resolved its main competitors- Razer.

Some time ago I got a wireless mouse RAZER Orochi. At that time the production date, of sale and any documents confirming the purchase was for me a complete mystery. After a short time the mouse refused to work and stopped. But at that time I already knew what a gamer-I can't be bought and as a working mouse Logitech Anywhere MX 2.

However, it was a shame – to pay for your broken device- decided to try his luck by contacting support.

So – it all starts on the official website – in section “Support”: support.razerzone.com

Filled form of address as he could and waited for the response.

Will immediately receive a letter that the answer from the expert will be given in the next 24 hours. In fairness it should be noted- automatic notification came after my comment. Responses from Razer came within the promised 24 hours -clearly.

However, as expected – in the first letter the employee asked me to provide documents confirming the purchase. I, as you know was not.

Logical- to this request I reply that the mouse – gift and there are no documents. Check, please, whether the device is under the warranty period by serial number- 2 years from production date.

I want to highlight, that asked – I couldn't resist and added, that similar cases had with Logitech and their solutions do not require any evidence of purchase in addition to the device itself (and it's true). What employee support, even somewhat offensive, said, they say, they are customer-oriented and generally “FOR GAMERS. BY GAMERS.” and ready to do everything if only I was satisfied.

I sent it and went on vacation. At the airport get a response from techsupport: “send a photo of the serial number and we'll talk”. Mentally cursing, but me and the mouse now divide 3000 miles.

Immediately upon return renewable dialog (the case is automatically closed 2 days after the review of the technician, but within months it can be opened again if the answer to his letter):

Send photos serial- the mouse is still under warranty- please verify on another computer, with other Bluetooth, etc. … classic )

Expected- the mouse does not start neither the other computer nor do- just stopped and turned all.

Get RMA number to send in service center. The week of waiting – chain letter. We will refund you the money in the form of a voucher for our store. Not the best option, but it is better than nothing.

Now faced with the task to spend 85 euros in the online shop of Razer.

off-topic: the usability of the Razer store- perhaps the worst of everything that I have seen over the last few years. There's just ALL bad- starting from the color gamut, using the presentation and filtering of goods and ending with the checkout process. If not for the voucher – I'd have never completed the purchase in this store and went to any other retailer.

However, not everything was so simple: logging in to your uchetku- cherished log I found. The familiar movement sent another e-mail from a familiar address. another dozen letters, screenshots and communication with second level support and magical all the same code is attached to my account, and the order is completed successfully.

And again a few days of waiting- shipping FedEx from Japan worked perfectly.

Unfortunately at the time of my order – mouse Orochi was no longer available. As an alternative I chose their new model – RAZER Atheris and in addition to it – sling bag for keyboard. it turned out almost exactly 85 euros so I'm not mad.

However, the result caused some bewilderment among the spouses at the time of receipt of the parcel- because the box size was more, what was the box that came to us a robot vacuum cleaner. VERY large!!! The weight (gross) – approximately 200-300 grams.

Of course a large part of the parcel – is the air due to the fact, what bag for the keyboard – thing lightweight and very dimensional. But it was fun.

In the end – I want to make some conclusions:

  • communication with tech support RAZER – well.
  • the process of vozrata and exchange – C grade, especially in the part “give the loot”
  • himself online store- *censored*

Quality devices – not worth their price tags if you are not a gamer. For office use mouse (the first that the second) overly sensitive. For comfortable usage it is necessary to understate DPI and poking around in the settings of the native software. Out of the box to use (not gamers) – almost impossible.

As said above- for office use in the arm is formed Logitech Anywhere MX. At home I use Logitech MX Master. On both all the time – reassign one button and on this “fine tuning” ended.

On the other hand- if you are a gamer and want acceptable accuracy even for wireless, even via bluetooth – there are unfortunately alternative to Razer just yet. Even with my waiters abilities – feel the difference in the delay between Logitech and Razer. And with bluetooth connection and via a native adapter – RAZER was betterfastermore precisely. + very flexible settings for each individual app, for each game (I, apparently, too old for this shit))).

And for those who do not like to read and just wants to see the pictures- welcome:

Communication with technical support- only 33 letters to try and make it a good purchase:

Package and unboxing: Express air transportation from Japan:

Unpacking mouse and compare with the brothers from Logitech:

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