iPhone wireless charger

If you are looking to extend your iPhone with support of wireless Qi charging- there is a way!

One easy solution that I found after getting a new iPhone 6s was to purchase and attach a Qi Tag to the phone.

Since Tim Cook and Co decided that the Apple magic is also stretching to the iPhone cases- starting from iPhone 6 your bubble level will app will not work properly, until you put a case on the phone. Camera sticking out and doesn`t let the phone to lay flat on the surface.

So… like it or not- we are almost obliged putting cases on the phone. This is how I also had to put on a cheap piece of plastic crap on an aluminium perfection iPhone body (For the first time in the last 7 years). And in order to get at least a small benefit out of that- the case has to be (multi)functional (I said to myself). That is how/ after a prompt googling I managed to find a so-called Qi-tag. Small flat piece of plastic and wires that you can click into the lightning port and hide inside the smartphone case in order to use the Qi standard induction charger device. Initially I had a lot of doubts whether the thing will be working at all- so didn`t want to go higher than 10 EUR. So Gearbest was my choice. The order arrived in approximately 10 days. Installation was as simple as it could be: click in the lighting connector and put the case on. Unfortunately the Qi pad that I ordered was simple single-coil device. so you have to position the phone right in the middle. In this case – charging will be happening no problem. But if you shift the phone a bit to the side- can be that charging will be constantly braking as not enough juice will be needed to the tag. Rumours say that 3-coil devices are eliminating that problem. Didn`t try that myself yet, but have no doubts that they do. )

How this all works “in action” – please enjoy the video:

(if you more “shut up and take my money” style- please go and buy one for yourself!

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