Fake headphones and the complaint to arbitration Aliexpress

After reading the positive reviews cheap Chinese headphones decided to give in to this craze and purchase a cheap headphone from China. How to buy issues for $ 23…

… this review in no way denies the existence of good quality from China. Rather, I would like to serve as a reminder to all online buying: not always the description of the product coincides with his real qualities. Sometimes dishonest sellers intentionally lie in the description hoping that the buyer will not go to a correspondence with the arbitration and will agree to a small compensation, or not will be to contact and accept the loss of money. Personally, I think this practice is unacceptable and categorically harmful for online Commerce in General, and for each such buyer in particular. Buying goods in the online shop the customer needs to be 100 per cent sure that he !! at least !! get what is described on the product page. With ALL the mentioned options. The seller in turn must be sure, any attempt unfair game with the buyer can turn to him, ONLY financial losses, and in any case not financial gain. even short-term. if the seller will know that you can ONLY play honestly, and the seller is sure that you will receive ONLY what is written on the description page of the product- only in this case, online Commerce has the right and the possibility of the existence of.

But back to the question of headphones.

Actually after a brief search, Ali decided that I want to buy a cheap headphones with active shumopodavleniya and support APT-X standard. I really wanted to test that EV is such a beast and how good in reality can be this combination. Well and in parallel to learn, is it possible to buy a bundle in China for an adequate amount, not a crazy 200-500- etc. $ .

Specifying the search criteria Active Noise cancelling – poprosilsya to the study of search results. Unfortunately the vast majority of goods was either obvious fake, or something from an entirely different area. Whether General fatigue, whether a large number of viewed products introduced me to a common misconception. but after a couple hours I decided to order a this product. Now – have a sober look- I understand that it was also not the best choice. But while the headphones were coming to see me – there was hope that they at least would not be complete garbage and will be at least more or less sound. At that time, all my wireless headphones refused and we had to have at least something for commuting.

The product description promised me:

  • support Apt-X
  • Active noise reduction
  • Supported memory cards and playback music directly
  • receive and play FM radio
  • In the description it even says something about Bluedio H+

Then I should think, however… the evening, fatigue, good mood- you never know, I thought, and began to wait for the order.

What came in the end- was just exceeded all my expectations. Perhaps this purchase is currently the most unique experience for ten years of my purchases online:

1 packing of the product was only half: apparently the dealer tried to fit the box in a little yellow post package and just threw half of the packaging

2 no support for Apt-X do not feel neither ears nor eyes (the instructions and data connection -no words)

3 And of course – active noise reduction is left only on the product page. The headphones were only useless equalizer.

Of course after a number of tests were open complaint on Aliexpress.

From the money the seller refused to return, arguing, that the goods correspond to what he receives from the manufacturer and generally “I don't understand how you don't understand”

Had to wait for a connection arbitration the dispute to aliexpress and to prove it to them.

First, the experts from the Ali also refused to accept the complaint in full and recommended sending it back to the seller with a full refund of the cost. I go not agree- why should I have to bear the loss of the return shipment.

The result had to do more pictures and videos which would be clearly seen that the product does not match the description with the indication of the specific inconsistencies.

After loading videos to the service Ali decision on the complaint was changed to a full refund no need to send back.

Perhaps the decisive argument was the fact, that on the product page it was written, supposedly headphones Bluedio H+. that of course is not true.

Morality: making purchases online- it is not necessary to turn off the head, to be critical of the product descriptions, carefully read these descriptions. And if you sent the item not matching the stated properties- swear, make returns, go to the conflict. This will reduce the temptation to the seller to conduct foul play in the hope that “and so it goes”

PS and a set of headphones that broke after just 3 days of use. All for the same reason- a very bad copy of a more expensive model Bluedio. The original hinges are aluminum. And here- plastic. Here plastic and did not survive.

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