Steam Controller VS Xbox wireless

Mini-review-comparison on the basis of their own experiences.
Minimum photo, but unambiguous conclusions.
Fans of dismemberment- not open, bought his to use and do not disassemble )))


to understand – from a few pics.

a little biography:

all my adult life I worked with computers and because (force of habit) with some despised with “console”, added more to the caste “Makabar”.
However – everything flows, everything changes and here- after a long break turned lusty and wanted little to remember his youth and play those toys that didn't play the last few years.
It is natural to grieve for the computer Desk was reluctant- wish I imposingly lounging in a chair lazily to shoot frags. in short solid casual.
After some consideration it was decided to build a computer and it- joystick. Comp- because to pay 500 Euro per box or 200 per computer…. the difference is obvious. Plus I was in the house sometimes it is necessary to have a PC car for experiments, given that the rest soup – with the Apple on the back.
Well, in General PC- the most flexible platform- is “upgrade” )))
As a result, the computer was assembled, and the question arose of a choice of joystick.
Dedicating a couple of evenings reading reviews, it became clear that among the consoles on the majority of positive feedback steers the classic Xbox controller.
Without thinking ordered it wireless compatible with PC and Xbox.
After some time (digging the issue deeper) I realized that I need a Steam controller- ordered got here and write a review.

For those who do not want to read – my conclusion: Steam controller makes maykrosoftovskie just as God turtle.


Let me give the arguments in chronological order from new to old and from General to specific:

1 Ergonomics

Very subjective factor, but as with my Apple EarPods – it seems valve has finally managed to find One size that fits all. After the acquisition microsoftesque controller about a week I started trying to get used to this new paradigm. Most accurately described her one leprowse:
“The difference in aiming.
When you aim the mouse, then just run the direct coordinate of the aiming. That is, in other words just point to a place where you shoot.
With a gamepad (touch or stick) the situation is different: you control the first derivative, that is, the speed with which sight comes to the desired point. At the same gear ratio formula (the ratio of the speed to the deviation of the stick) the complicated and nonlinear. In General, all long and uncomfortable for the brain.”

gods it is so!
Of course, after about a month of getting used to and fully traversed with a controller GTA 5 – I felt, what if you spend hours 800- will be able to enjoy the poems more or less filigree…. and, you can teach a rabbit to smoke….. around the same time.

With you controller all was diametrically opposed- received this morning. Unpack-plug in-run toy. As I have been reading about his phenomenal convenience – once launched the game is NOT adapted to the use of the gamepad: Modern Warfare 3. And was even able to survive more than 30 seconds the first time. And I want to share with you my feelings…

Convenience just much higher:
left stick the move falls under your finger is much more convenient than Microsoft – on microsoftcom controller laying eats the recess under the finger. Apparently it is assumed that the user will put finger in there and twist the stick in different directions. In real life it turns out that most of the time I rested on the edge of the stick with your thumb at the bottom and pressed it up. and if it was necessary to sharply change direction of run – had to actually intercept controller- lost valuable in these dynamic scenes millisecond. The Steam controller – left convex stick- and its much easier to push in different directions without taking your thumb at all.

front buttons (RBLB RTLT)- those who (as planned by engineers) had to go to the index and middle fingers of the user. Here nifiga you have not guessed! on Microsoftcom controller (I swear- I tried) was not able to find a position in which it would be comfortable to reach all buttons, to the index and middle to slip with the appropriate controls, and so in this case the hands are not numb in 5 minutes just like hell. Couldn't. And today I finally realized why. (And decided to write a review. although not going). front controls on the joystick, the x-box is too say “perpendicular to” to the plane of the controller. As a result, I was the wildest is to put the index (and not average) fingers precisely on the hooks. but when it came time to push the button- oops…. the problem- had to again intercept all device. Picking up the controller you the feeling was completely different – all the buttons went under the fingers without any of my movements. In fairness, I must say, what's the first thing the feel of the controller was feeling “too wide”. And so far it seems. Probably could be a half inch narrower. But most likely it says muscle memory from xboxomac. And to the buttons HUWA personally, I have to stretch, while it is impossible to get clear without looking. I am sure that will pass after a week or communication-willing to forgive for the convenience of other functions.

dead zones. On the controller the Xbox I always thought that a few wooden sticks in the center and too responsive at the edges. It was very difficult to position – a little bit, a little bit- BACH! flying split-screen. And the contrary- this behavior is almost impossible to change. You can reassign the buttons, but to calibrate the sticks… .I never found, as. Stemcontrol to this end, one continuous orgasm! Stick- one, left. wrote about him above. 2 touchpad with taptic feedback: swiping right will fall with your thumb actually creates a feeling, that rotate is a very light wheel with ratchet. very cool and useful. It turns out the cursor, or the camera move in principle in the same way as a mouse. Of course the mouse to do turns easier and faster ( force of habit). In short- if you want to understand how it is about feelings- run any shooter on the laptop and try to aim with the aid of a laptop touchpad with your thumb. At first it seems uncomfortable wildest, but then I caught myself thinking, what you are doing exactly the same mistakes that did in the very beginning of his acquaintance with a mouse: too fast, too slow, too sharply, too little micrometeorite. However, with the above mechanics- motion control camera touchpad for more heads clear, straight and clear, than using a stick.

2 Customization

In fact the alpha and omega of this device. Keep up the good work and most simple way. In fact, you can assign almost any option on any button. And even more of them.

For example: the same notorious touchpads – not only have the feedback, but still they can be clicked. The edge of the touchpad can act as a clamped button (put your finger on the edge and the camera is spinning around you). can act as a scroller (for example, the Internet browser). Like button-the cross. In short what I want.
Comparing with the controller the Microsoft- need and earth. We must pay tribute to the Xbox controller does it very well- acts as a controller for games that sharpen code Xbox controller. Play it in a game NOT built for a controller…… well, you can, about how to have sex in the winter in a hammock, standing in a ski and wetsuit. On the Steam controller can play any game more or less convenient (how you can be comfortable the idea of the controller).
And here we come to the third, in my opinion the most important, item:

3 Integration

The controller is very cool and smoothly integrated into the Steam platform.
For example, if my previous game session in GTA 5 ended with error – dropped food or a hung system or some glitch, and you download crawled out the window warning – type “let's try to start in safe mode”. And I had to take the mouse in hand and poke “further” mouse cursor. In short, keep changing “fingering”.
When you try start the game, not sharpened by the use of a controller, Steam offers to configure settings for it controller. You can do it yourself, manually by assigning each button of the controller corresponding button of the keyboard or mouse. Or in 2 cliques download the most popular layout in the community and finished it for themselves if need be. Thus, the delay between pressing PLAY and actually start playing the game, which was created under the shooters, after a couple of minutes (what I have tested half an hour after Modern Warfare). If in the process of launching the game crawls kako side window that requires user action – the controller switches to “desktop” configuration – right to Pai starts to work as a touchpad, right trigger- as the left mouse button, so we can agree, or close this window do not remove your hands from the controller- megadome!
About the controller from the Xbox I can say in this respect nothing. A month I play on default settings pickup the games that were sharpened by the Xbox controller. For clomidine games had to use the Home stream and home laptop.


the combination of the factors outlined above, my personal subjective opinion is:

The Steam controller fine product with a great potential can greatly affect the gaming industry as a whole. (and by the way toprivate go too, there is much- for example the vibration feedback on the controller Microsoft feel 2 times stronger and nicer- a sort of bumblebee. Vibration on the Steam controller – a sort of flabby Midge. But it seems even a bit more logical: after the left tire on gravel felt the vibration in his left hand. right wheels along the tracks- on the right. Isbecause controller seems to have done just strong or weak vibration depending on situation. There's not much to say, vibration for me is not important, but “caught my eye”.)

Controller from Microsoft is a thing in itself. Compromise for Bakers to lure them to the console. It works great with games that were made by him in view of its inherent flaws. (for example to play games without avtopritselivaniya on xboxcom controller was almost physically painful. On timescom- difficult, but it rules.)

So if you (as I) I want a couple of times a week imposingly to shoot stupid bots in a corridor shooter, or steal some cars in GTA, or run around the worlds of orcs and elves, while not sharpening !yourself! under a piece of metal from the Microsoft- Steam Controller – it's your choice.
PS please forgive for mistakes, tried to re-read, but most likely missed a lot, write to the PM- all correct ). Was in a hurry to write today while fresh impressions. Tomorrow or in a week, I would have just scored, and I think a lot of people watching right now on this controller which has started to sell Beech and doubts, to takenot to take. my verdict- to take, but with the condition, it's NOT the shooters. If you are a professional gamer and I see the difference between 100 and 120 FPS – why did you open this post?

PPS cat I have not, so alternative, a small demo as I played Expocomm controller Nvidia Shield using self-made on the basis of a Raspberry Pi running Openelec.

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