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Mini-review a cheap but useful thing- magnetic cable 8-pin for iPhone- a La Lightning. Briefly- works!


So.. some time ago – in the house were dead all the charging cables for our iPhones. in this connection there was a question of finding alternatives. To buy another cheap cable for a couple of months it was lazy – I decided to look for something funny. naturally the first thing I remembered about the kickstarter project iPhone variations on a theme MagSafe.

A quick search on GearBest (previous experience was positive, so why not)- product FOUND– ordered – received-unpacked….

(in a rush of feelings immediately ordered 2 – at home and at work)

in total about a month of use I can say- the cable is quite good.

Of course not perfect, but its 5 bucks to work out 100%

After some training it turns out to pick up the magnetic contact in just a second without looking. Contact – reliable, you can continue to use the phone while charging. the data cable is also transferred (but to change the firmware, I would with his help I became). and home and work connection and charging happens without any problems. Connector I from the phone now can not be removed. Charging occurs in any position of the cable- the video below shows that I overturned it, and so and so.

Well, in motion:


If you want the same yourself- BUY MORE

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