“Smart” night light+Bluetooth speaker: the bitterness of freebies


Here are this product I was really waiting for. And in my head even had time to sketch, how shamelessly I'm going to praise him, because like many small light sources in the house.
What came out of it – in 2 words- the bitterness of frustration.

The lamp itself is good- no doubt. And for the money is quite right to existence, but in my use-case were approximately 30 percent.

Just want to warn fans of dismemberment- in connection with the lack of a good camera I just can't even close to approach gorgeous review of this lamp from Komrad chindiasov so I'm not going to try. Instead, I want to talk about the expectations I had when ordering this lamp and tell how they were satisfied in reality. I think a large percentage of readers make purchases not to disassemble them and to meet some need. Let them be interesting )

Fans of dismemberment can only invite in the above topic- it is there.

so.. some time ago I realized that I miss the small light bulb next to the bed- well, there is time to look, glasses puttake, one word nightlight with adjustable brightness.

In this regard, naturally I started looking at the vast variety of the Internet.: Chinese, European, Russian. And p large- all to no avail.

All variants that are less fit- was from 100 Euro and above. All I found within 30-40-50 euros – looked like a slag, and in fact it is.
Surprisingly, even IKEA are not pleased any more or less acceptable option.

The actual requirements after some study of the range on the Internet was the following:

  • Lamp night light
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Alarm clock
  • USB port(s) to charge your phone
  • Optional- Radio, but not necessarily.

Formally, these criteria include the monitored lamp fit- was found on Banggood

In response to my request to review the product on the store responded positively. And I was waiting for.

Already drew a picture how can I cool to put the color and brightness of the bulb with your phone, let it sound with multimedia player if you need to watch before bed on Netflix and not to Wake the daughter in the next room with a loud TV sound. The ability to manage from afar with the remote also turned out to be an interesting option.

The parcel reached to me in about a couple of weeks. It was Packed very ascetic- bullying of Russian post box, I think, could not survive.

However, the lamp itself, in my opinion protected very securely- definitely I would write down in plus. And the packaging and graphic arts and interior styling- all done at a high enough level. So to say- to give such a thing to someone of his relatives, I would not hesitate a single second.

On the other hand – English letters I could find in the name of the lamp and a design office that is responsible for its execution. All one piece of paper with instructions filled with beautiful, but to me incomprehensible hieroglyphics. It's sad.

Can see how the daughter is helping me with unpacking:

Inside the box we expected:

  • The lamp itself
  • Manual
  • Box with wires
  • Cable 3.5-3.5 mm to about 70 inches
  • The micro-USB cable
  • Remote control

I should note – the pictures at the shop lamp seemed a bit more. In reality turned out to be such a small mushroom red cap mushroom on a thick stalk.

Hat “mushroom” attached to the base on the stem of hard rubber. Bending as shown in the promotional pictures, I did not dare- feel think that plastic “leg” to which this rubber joint is attached will fall off after the angle degree 10. Why was this decision made – it is not clear. My amateurish opinion- could easily do the mount rubber feet on the three-beam star, and it would be OK.

With regards to light….. it a bit. On the role of independent lamps to qualify unable. It is still just a light. In my head I imagined that this light bulb can replace and I still “duty” the light in the room. And become something like a floor lamp. But alas.

Shine a little. basically illuminates the space under the “fungus”. Snoc before I read the e-book which has its own backlight. However, in the case of conventional books- light is clearly not to be missed. So keep in mind.

But the brightness of the lamp is not a problem as it might seem (in the end I planned Alo buy a night light- night light it is). The problem turned out to be easier and harder at the same time. The program to control the light refused to work in the most important mode- in selecting the color and brightness of the bulb.

Oh, how I've tried, but the choice of colors I have refused to work. Those options are available from the control panel – none of the standard colors I didn't like: or poisonous, either cool shades. And so I just warm a little white or even orange (night light the same!!!).

In the end, half the solution was found- start mode, smooth transition of colors and stop on the desired color using the same button (button with 2 arrows on the remote.

So (as expected) I indulged and put aside. Left remote.

YES! switching on and off of the lamp program is also not working….. Multimedia functions (as well as alarm clock) I'm interested in little, so for the program- minus.

Yourself modes lamp – fairly standard:

  • the change between preset colors (units 7-8)
  • smooth change of color with the ability to stop
  • brightness adjustment (only works with pre-installed)

+ also

  • BT speaker, loudspeaker.
  • a simple MiroSD player
  • USB charger (when plugged in)

And finally- about BT speaker….. It exist.. I'm not an audiophile, but even my ears can hear, what it sounds like….. like a Bluetooth speaker. rubber membrane, that is located at the bottom, apparently must enhance low frequencies, but in reality, the sound is quite flat. So the idea to stream the sound from TV set-top box will have to leave till the best times.

Player play music from a flash drive. For a test I threw a couple of hundred tracks in MP3- reproduced. To adjust the volume, tracks switch. All the rules.

When connecting the speakers to the phone's tracks can also be switched with the remote control. Something even comfortable, so if someone want such bubnivka- as background noise with remote control – suitable.

Another upset was a function of charging: formally, it is pristutstvuet but to sense from it a little.

I don't know why, but my fifth iPhone constantly refused to charge when connected to the lamp. Whether the amp in this port little reach, whether still something. But the fact- up to 100 percent could not be charged never. When connecting – with 50 percent probability it gave a message about “unsupported accessory”. If the lamp was off- then the charging began, and could even reach up to 80-90 percent, but to 100 so never and has not come. After I connected the same cable directly into the charger- the phone is charged as it should be. So it's definitely NOT a cable problem or phone.

To summarize I want to say the following:

despite the above disadvantages, my bedroom lamp has found its place. But the very existence of these disadvantages – once again demonstrates offensive deficiencies so characteristic of our Eastern partners. These deficiencies greatly detract from the overall impression of the product as a whole. Whether or not the lamp of their money…. I think, though- Yes. Because personally I have nothing interesting for such a bag could not be found (and with pleasure would consider alternative options).

And the lamp is cool to slap on the head before going to sleep so she turned off.

PS – for those too lazy to read- a short video:

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