Tower fan – best buy of the summer

The propagation of tower fan.
3 times less space, 2 times less noise.

Due to the rather hot days wife demanded to acquire the house fan. Since I hate classic fans- sort of bulky pokers (and inexpensive options and more, as a rule, surprisingly low quality) – I started to look for alternatives.

Slot fans (the so-called AirMultiplier) are inappropriately expensive.
Portable air conditioner we just sold (in the current apartment is too more doors and no Windows – nowhere to put the hose for hot air)

In short I decided to stay in the cheapest tower fan.

After a couple of weeks in my head there's only one question- why classic fans still exist and are sold at all!?
After all, their disadvantages (by design) obvious:

– high neytcheva design
– quickly breaking down the clamping heads of the fan on the counter
– the supporting leg stands (cross) constantly get underfoot and stepped easily deformed.
– protective grating additionally generates noise and resonates with the propeller.

Accordingly, when the fan selection I wanted to avoid these schools.

And here- tower fan:

– He's a cool white
– The remote control is missing (do not care- still operates in the mode on / off)
– The timer is there (not being used and hardly used)
– noise (subjectively) 2 times smaller than classic fans
– blowing like my old classic fan 3 mode
– the air flow is slower. Well, that is his lot, but not blow away my clothes.
– tower rotates around its axis hither and thither about 150 degrees (when exposed to rotation mode)

One word buy I like. To watch TV and talk without raising his voice does not interfere. Constantly move it from one room to another depending on mood and desire. Design “sturdily built” – not like these Jablanica shaking classic fans. The center of gravity is low- is on its own stand confidently.


the calipers I have in the house is missing (even Chinese plastic)
So will the dimensions from the product page.

Cable: 1.8 m
Width: 185 mm
Height: 814 mm
Depth: 164 mm
Weight: 2740 g.
Color: white

Well, a couple of photos for clarity:

And videos:

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