The electric pump: the quirks of Chinese logistics

Or “once again about the lottery nature of the Chinese experience.”

Some time ago I asked a company representative Banggood to review a funny and (I hope) useful thing… And this is what came of it…

Actually after some waiting (about 2 weeks) my mail drops notice. Imagine my surprise when, instead of anticipated pribludy – the package was a completely different thing. However, in order not to become an obnoxious snob – I decided not to wriggle and to make a survey. However, to find on the website bang good this item and could not. A couple of weeks to clarify references and….. (drum roll) : pump for air mattresses is in category Personal Care Supplies. Of course… Where else would he be… PURE LOGIC!

OK… Product placement in categories- none of my business. Let managers staff Banggood. My task is to tell about the product.

So. The pump came in a simple black package. Inside- a bit of foam, the documents and the box with the device. Adapter for European plugs in the kit was not (that is not surprising). But it turned out 3 adapter for different diameters of holes for air injection (personally, I was faced with only two. I suspect that the thin – designed for inflating balloons but not sure). Tried to disassemble the unit but the pump was glued tightly and break things to make sure the obvious is not my style.

In this case, obviously – inside the motor, fan and a little plastic.

As the pump I already had- bought about 3 years ago on Amazon, with power from the power supply unit 220v => 12v, and from an onboard network of the car. I was interested to see what will be this baby can do with the built in PSU (the transactions of the supply pump slightly longer than a meter and not disconnected)

And here to include it- I was quite shocked! I don't know about digital performance, but the sound is – the pump is FIERCE! Accustomed to my old pump -I was expecting some “buzz”. It is the brainchild of Chinese engineering literally howled in his hands and almost ran away. In short, I instantly decided to arrange a test drive:



  • Pump inflate-deflate my mattress approximately 50-70 percent faster than the old pump
  • Loud buzzing (beast!)
  • Size small
  • Built-in power supply


  • No power from the onboard network of the car (the use of the tent is cancelled)
  • Loud buzzing (hate!)
  • HEATED! (A minute and a half of work has noticeably heated in his hand, and began to smell)

The verdict- remains in reserve in the event of the sudden death of my old man. But to use it constantly I will not and daughters into the hands is also not going to give. Otherwise- a great device to inflate an air mattress / boat / pool

For those wishing to buy- THE LINK TO THE PRODUCT

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