Mini-review of a small sticker

Some time ago I visited the idea to give a little “personal touch” my laptop.

Obviously – the choice fell on the vinyl sticker for the cover.

And this is what came of it ….

Of course the first thing checked Amazon- at the sight of the price tag of 10 euros for a sticker valid amphibian said “NO”.

Kept looking through Ali- good sellers stickers (as well as their designs- million)

Ordering, made 23 may flew primernie 2 weeks.

That's all that came:

MacBook Pro 13 VYNYL-envelope MacBook Pro 13 VYNYL-open envelope

Yellow envelope, inside:

  • sticker on a substrate
  • transfer film
  • invoice order.

First fitting to determine the place of gluing:

MacBook Pro 13 VYNYL - placement test

Here we must make a little digression…

Of course the surface for bonding must be pre-degreased.

At first, I tried to stick the vinyl as usual – the perekleivanie from the substrate by hand. But very quickly convinced of the futility of this idea and sat down to think. thank God I remembered that I saw a clean plastic sheet in the envelope. At first I thought that this sheet is needed for rigidity- that sticker does not wrinkle. But then took out the envelope, and debris, and realized that this plastic sheet is nothing more than a transfer film sticker on the surface of the lid of the laptop.

Procedure the following:

  1. Take the label on the substrate
  2. On top of the glue and smooth the transfer film
  3. Unstick the base of the sticker (it must be done carefully so the sticker doesn't break.
  4. The transfer film try on at the place of gluing- apply-smooth.
  5. Unstick the transfer film

Here I found a picture illustrating the process… Own experiment completely forgot to take a picture

Sticking stickers

WELL, what of all this happened in the end:



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