Raspberry PI and video calling: to be continued…

Raspberry PI: VOIP calls

Today I was again trying to find a proper solution to perform video calls directly from the TV to Skype\Viber\Other video message services and again failed.


Unfortunately despite of the wide spread Raspberry PIs and other single board type computers- their main application stays either:

multimedia content playing


geeky applications like Smart home automation and stuff.


Weird enough: developers aren’t willing to make one last step further (or just don`t see their customers behind custom-made set-top boxes). Which is strange….

My personal belief – the first service provider that publishes an ARM-compatible video calling\messenger will suffer a dramatic increase of customers database, as all of those geeks will start pulling their friends and relatives to that platform.

Maybe not, but increasing number of different compact keyboard\controls for set-top boxes produced and sold on Aliexpress is supporting this guess.

So on one hand we have millions of boxes in numerous living-rooms technically possible but practicvally unable to perform video-calls.

Lets see who of the services will be the first in this niche…. )

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